Guided free walk ride (150min.)

150 minutes tour from 89 CHF

City eTukTuk tour with guided walking tour: the “Guided free walk ride” tour combines the tour “Greater Zurich” and a walking tour with the guides of the “Free Walk Zurich” organisation. In addition to the comprehensive eTukTuk ride, there are four additional 15-minute stops in key locations to discover with an experienced guide. This is a unique offer, a must for every city lover.


  • Round trip in a private (no UNFAMILIAR passengers in the vehicle) Tuk-Tuk. Start and end of the tour (if no external start or end point): Europaallee 8, 8004 Zurich
  • eTuk- chauffeur / guide
  • IMPORTANT: Every eTuk has disposable – hygiene masks and gloves, disinfectant
  • “Free Walk Zürich” city guide


  • Pick-up at an external location (eg. Hotel, office, etc) – can be arranged for 19 CHF per pick-up location (start- or endpoint) and Tuk-Tuk


  • 150 minutes


  • Tours can be for one person, and up to a group of 35 people

Additional information:

  • The city tour starts at the main train station (Zurich HB) and takes you through this unique city, past the Landesmuseum (Zurich national museum) to the university and student quarter, to the place where Albert Einstein himself studied. The charming old town follows, and then to the Niederdorf (lower old town) with its many squares and alleys, to the Zurich art house, with its impressive collection of the artwork of Augusto Giacometti. It continues to the Seefeld quarter, to the Zurich opera house and the Sechsläutenplatz. Next on the route are the business and shopping district around the Bahnhofstrasse, including the Paradeplatz (Parade Square) – the nucleus of Swiss banks. After that a tour of the Langstrasse follows, Zurich’s recreational and nightlife district with its coffee shops, bars and restaurants. The tour finishes off the heaving District 5 of “Zurich West” with the Prime and Friday Tower, Frau Gerolds, or the distinctive Viaduct arches.
  • The four 15-minute stops for in-depth exploration are the Prediger square, the Grossmünster square, the Helvetia square, and the Viaduct arches.
  • . The eTukTuk and its passengers are equipped for all weather situations. In winter you can stay warm with the provided blankets.
  • All prices include VAT (sales tax) of 7.7%.

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